Happy Mardi Gras! Laissez les bons temps rouler! Simon has found the baby 3 years in a row…that must make him the King of Mardi Gras…February 2024

We asked for a cake with a “Happy Birthday” topper. This is what we got. Happy Birthday Ching (AKA Topper)! December 2023

Lab Holiday lunch. Past, present and future lab members! December 2023

CCHMC hosts the 46th annual Society for Craniofacial Genetics and Developmental Biology Meeting- October 2023
Lab field trip to the Western & Southern Tennis tournament! Warm up for the US Open and a great opportunity to see all the best players. August 2023
Superstar summer student Amya Lewis knocked it out of the park this summer! We are going to miss her! July 2023
CCHMC (and friends) and MDB students at the annual Society for Developmental Biology meeting. July 2023
Big news today! US News and World Reports names Cincinnati Children’s the ‘Best Children’s Hospital” in the nation!!!! June 2023
Happy Birthday to Yanfen!
Ching wins best poster at the annual Developmental Biology retreat! May 2023

Beautiful night for baseball. Mets/Reds game with our CuSTOM and PSCF colleagues.

Brugmann Lab at the first annual CCRF Research Day-May 2023
Evan presenting his work at the first annual CCRF Research Day-May 2023
She’s #1! Ching presenting her work at the first annual CCRF Researach Day-May 2023
Simon presenting his work at the first annual CCRF Research Day-May 2023
Brugmann Lab at the Society of Craniofacial Genetics Meeting in La Jolla CA-October 2022
The ‘Craniofacials” @ MDB Student Symposiusm-September 2022
Brugmann Lab past and present at the regional SDB meeting-November 2022
CCHMC crew at the Craniofacial GRC…little did we know what was coming-February 2020
Lab Holiday Party-January 2020
Made it out of the BreakOut room with under 3 mins to spare!-April 2017
Dr. Schock!-August 2017